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Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
bill clinton 19th 96 in 1996. carl in oklahoma supports the republican ticket. you are on. >> i am looking at the auto industry. i am looking at chrysler, which is german-owned. it is now italian-owned. he did nothing there. goofor don't know dollars from obama and is doing quite an -- ford took no dollars from obama and is doing quite well. gm owes us from the first bailout and now the second bailout. let's look at where the obama dollar went. those moneys go overseas. let's look at energy industries. he does not know what he is doing. >> next is an independent. >> he has done a lot of things, but i expected him to have done more by now. he is a little slow. he says he has to be careful about what he did. i was waiting for him to say drill, drill, drilled. gasoline is $4 an hour. it is hurting people. i saw six people on the expressway trying to find gas, so it is hurting us. he needs to walk-through for neighborhoods -- walk through poor neighborhoods and find out how people are suffering. venezuela has gasoline at 12 cents a gallon. look it on the computer, and you will see. we
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1